Evolution of the Arts of Ancient Wisdom Logos and Badges

Old Arts of Ancient Wisdom Heading Logo or slogan icon

Present Arts of Ancient Wisdom Heading Logo icon made of burning gold

The above icon is the current Arts Of Ancient Wisdom trademark started at 2011.

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The icon on the very right is the current Arts of Ancient Wisdom badge also started at 2011.

Old Arts Of Ancient Wisdom eBay Store Logo

Old Arts of Ancient Wisdom eBay, Amazon, and AAWISDOM stores ran by Christopher McGrath.

Current Arts of Ancient Wisdom eBay and Amazon businesses ran by franchised business partners.

Myanmar Traditional Boxing instructional manuals and videos

In honor of Letwhayte AKA MTB warriors, the logo above is the cover icon in Myanmar Traditional Boxing instructional manuals and videos releases. The words in Burmese reads "Myanmar Traditional Boxing (Letwhayte) Competitions." 
Christopher McGrath is the CEO of the Arts of Ancient Wisdom businesses. We deal with companies and business partners from the USA, Canada, China, and Malaysia to run an AAWISDOM Market, which is a General Dollar Store, Online Shopping Center, and Department Store. We can sell cheaper here because we don't have to pay commission fees, waste our time dealing with a few dishonest online thieves trying to steal $1 or $2, and adapting to changes of unfair, uncompromising sporadic policy changes by these corporations.
Christopher McGrath does not run third-party market place stores anymore. Some AAWISDOM assets and products are given franchised to some friends, martial arts apprentices, and business associates to sell there at those places at higher prices, but soon we will discontinue and boycott those market places, especially eBay and Amazon.   

Don't sell on eBay and Amazon. We can build a professional online store like AAWISDOM Market for $1200-$1500 for those who want to have their own store and don't know how. Please contact for details. 

Below is the explanations for evolution of Arts of Ancient Wisdom Stores Heading Logos:

Old Arts of Ancient Wisdom Logo

The one above is old heading logo used until Oct 5, 2012. Christopher McGrath believes in God and knows God exists. He is proud to be a Roman Catholic and being a Roman Catholic means a great deal for him. Being strong, seeking truth and righteousness, and living the Right Way of Life are all part of him. Icons in the image above represent Ultimate Warriors of God, such as St. Michael and St. George. Crucifix is the symbol of Christ the Savior of mankind. Without thinking deeply, he proudly chose those icons to be the store logo. However, some people may get an impression that he is imposing "his religion" on others. To clarify that, prevent such impression, and to separate personal and professional life, this logo is no longer used for AAWISDOM Market heading and Arts of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center. Christopher McGrath never goes around preaching and talking about God or religions like others Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Satanic believers, Agnostics, and Atheists. Salvation is already established. Everyone should just try to save themselves and "go get" the salvation by themselves because no one else can do it for you. Christopher McGrath isn't a priest, or a missionary. He is a professional scholar of life and a warrior. Thus the image above is discontinued. He never imposed about his knowledge and understanding about spiritual subjects and religions to anyone.         

Old AAWISDOM Market Logo

The logo above was discontinued at Oct 5, 2012 as well. Instead of all warrior saints, a caring motherly saint icon was added with good intention for those who are fans of St. Mary, especially good women. Again, we are separating personal and professional lives. We treat everyone equally with respect and sincerity.   

entrance to the AAWISDOM Market and Arts of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center

The logo above is the entrance to the AAWISDOM Market and Arts of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center. "AAW" stands for Arts of Ancient Wisdom. It is a badge symbol trademark for www.aawisdom.com. The icon is the middle is chosen to be part of Arts of Ancient Wisdom logos because it represents ancient warriors in Macedon, a badge of honor and courage. The icons on the right represent also honor and courage. They are of ancient Sparta and its warriors.   

AAWISDOM Market Place Logo, Ancient Myanmar Warrior vs. Genghis Khan

The logo above is current AAWISDOM Market's heading. "AAW" stands for Arts of Ancient Wisdom. It is a badge symbol trademark for www.aawisdom.com. The icon is the middle is chosen to be part of Arts of Ancient Wisdom logos because it represent ancient warriors in Macedon, a badge of honor and courage. The icons on the right represents also honor and courage. They are of ancient Sparta and its warriors. At right end is a Spartan warrior, to its left is a samurai warrior, the to its left is a Viking warrior, to its left is a samurai lord in full armor, to its left is Alexander the Great of Macedon, to its left below is a knight of middle ages, to the very left end is an ancient Myanmar warrior.

We are  paying respect to ancient warriors over the world. Only the most honorable with impressive way of life and bravery are carefully picked to be icons in this logo: Alexander the Great for breaking up the evil Persian Empire; Viking warriors for their great valor and pride; Middle Age knights for their strength and honor; ancient samurais for their dedication to uncompromising ways in which they lived and studied martial arts and sought the truthful way of life; ancient Spartan warriors for how they lived by extreme high standards and studied martial arts who kept monstrous Persian Empire in check and fought countless proud battles against it for the sake of principle and freedom.

Ancient Myanmar warriors (on the left end vs. Genghis Khan Military Conquest) are not well-known in world history because they never conquered and ruled over the lands they invaded. Myanmar (Burma) was never invaded and conquered until the time of British Empire around 1885. Myanmar warriors kept their territories strong and mostly defended their lands instead of focusing on expending. Its neighboring countries, such as China, India, Mongolia, Thailand, Laos, etc  never could hold the Myanmar border towns and villages they conquered very long. When ancient Myanmar martial artists retook those conquered lands, they punished the aggressive country severely by killing everyone, and burning cities and towns in whole to ashes on the other sides of the Myanmar borders, but they never stayed on those conquered lands to rule over or kept on expending. This is why Myanmar martial artists and the history of Myanmar is not popular. The strength, martial knowledge, skills, and effectiveness of the ancient Myanmar Warriors will clearly be recognized if one would study Southeast Asian history. Southeast Asian peninsula's history is very obscured and unknown in educated scholars of world history. It is very different from main-stream Asian history. For example, who stopped Genghis Khan from taking over South-East Asian? It was not India or China. It was Ancient Myanmar warriors. When Mongolia became united under Genghis Khan, he originally wanted to conquest towards South-East. Khan's forces ran through western Chinese territories and northern Indian lands. When he reached northwest Myanmar territories, his conquest reached a dead end. Genghis Khan wanted Southeast Asia with great desire. His enormous military was stopped by "unknown tribes or people" of Southeast Asian, which is written in history books vaguely. While Khan was military-campaigning for years against ancient Myanmar martial artists, his other forces ran through the east and conquered half of China easily and quickly. Soon Genghis Khan gave up his dream to take over Southeast Asian, ran across northern parts of India, rampaged through all of Eurasia, breaking up the short-lived Hellenic Empire of the Alexander the Great and took over the world. This ancient Mongolian Empire conquest reached almost the whole Europe and most of Russia, and Asian. Because the Mongolian Empire was an evil empire, none of the Ancient Mongolian warriors are chosen to include in Arts of Ancient Wisdom icons. The Great Alexander the Great was stopped by Indian warriors, Genghis Khan easily broke up the Hellenic Empire, did as he pleased with Chinese Empire and Indian territories, and took over the "world." He or none of his successors could cross Myanmar territories to fulfill their dream to conquest towards the Southeast Asian. This is why ancient Myanmar warriors are important icons of martial arts, valor, and honor. AAWISDOM Market proudly honor all those ancient warriors and icons and symbols of all that is good.   

Arts Of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center Logo, Myanmar Traditional Boxing Instructionals by Christopher

The logo above is current Arts of Ancient Wisdom Martial Arts Center's heading. Most icons are the same as AAWISDOM Market except that two images of Christopher McGrath in the middle is added. In the Martial Arts center there, you can purchase Myanmar Traditional Boxing competitions, MTB (Letwhayte) instructional manuals written by Christopher McGrath.

About Christopher McGrath: he is Myanmar-American. He is more American than Myanmar. The only Myanmar about Christopher is martial arts and Letwhayte (Lethwei). Incidentally, Letwhayte is incorrectly spelled out in English sound as lethwei. Christopher grew up in Myanmar fighting numerous times, learning Myanmar martial arts, and others. He is a mathematician, a poet, a computer technician, a professional, and a scholar of many careers. Besides being a CEO of Arts of Ancient Wisdom, he teaches Letwhayte and Myanmar martial arts, tutors mathematics, computer science and IT subjects, and provides services for web development and information technology. He was involved in various academic research projects, and professional contracts in research and development.   

The name Arts of Ancient Wisdom is adopted from a martial arts club that he founded in SUNY IT Utica/Rome. To get to know him more, read the INSPIRATIONS.  He has nick names, such as MTB Warrior among fellow MMA martial artists, Ninja Man in college days, and Wild Man from former work.

Ultimate Goal of Arts of Ancient Wisdom

Arts of Ancient Wisdom strives to unite real martial artists to establish the place, people, and the Truthful Way of Life that will exist in Self-sufficient Warrior Community. This community will provide goods and services for those who want and need.  


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