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 About Christopher McGrath

Letwhayte teacher Christopher McGrath

I am a real martial artist specialized in hand-to-hand combat system at master level in the arts of striking/stand up fighting, and some advanced grappling. I have done professional fights in the ring, as well as teaching self-defense classes, and prepared and trained with real professionals for ring combat in today's mixed martial arts world, or anything. There are fewer than 50 individuals in the world, who may possess the level of knowledge I have. Most of the others will not be able to teach to the western martial arts practitioners because they do not speak English or they do not live near us (outside of Myanmar). Yes, I was born in Myanmar. I lived and grew up there, fought countless battles, and learned from real warlike Myanmar culture and warriors. I have always been interested in martial arts since I was seven and started pursuing as soon as I could read and talk well enough. Not many people wanted to fight me by the time I was about thirteen year old. By the age fifteen in Myanmar, I started taking on professional challenged fights, and competitions. The real danger was not martial arts competitions (they were just adventures and good challenges), but lowlife thugs ambushing and ganging you up at unexpected moments on the streets. I am a Myanmar-American, been living in the USA at different locations for about nineteen years, and five years in Buffalo NY so far. I am an educated professional with Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, and Master of Science in Computer Science, degrees I obtained in USA. I have written concise martial arts manual documentations, which are sold to professional martial arts organizations, martial arts schools, martial arts teachers, and defense departments of governments in the world. These written martial arts manuals and documentations are also available to public at http://aawisdom.com.


This is a unique opportunity for the people in this area to learn real effective combat martial arts systems of ancient Myanmar and today's world.


 Letwhayte: also known as MTB or Myanmar Traditional Boxing, which is a fighting system better than Muay Thai or a big brother of Muay Thai that uses Knees, Elbows, Headbutts, various (unique) punches, various kicks, complex defense principles which many Thai martial artists are ignorant of;

 Bando: a higher level of martial arts system designed to win the combat level hand-to-hand or weapon situations); or

 Thine: highest discipline or Root of ALL martial arts which teaches us a Way of Life that includes preparations for war, healing arts and techniques, inner force, and understanding of ALL OTHER martial arts disciplines;


Many individual martial arts practitioners, organizations, and even governments spend substantial resources and times to seek the knowledge of combat systems to open countries like Thailand, Philippines, India, and China. The Myanmar government and people do not welcome foreigners much. Yet it is undeniable for these seekers that true knowledge of martial arts systems exists hidden in Myanmar culture and population. From year 2005 to present, after pursuing to the truth of martial arts to different countries, seekers from countries like Russia, Israel, and USA, realized that final directions are pointing to Myanmar. The barriers exist in Myanmar for the quest. A few people with authentic knowledge is spread out in different regions of the country, much profound knowledge and enlightening information exist in obscure literature, proverbs, and poetical sayings in Burmese language and cultural customs. These barriers obstruct even the natives to communicate freely among themselves. The foreigners will not be accepted easily or treated as equal or normal. In brief, if one is genuinely interested to learn true martial arts in Myanmar and "crack the codes," the following conditions are fundamental:

1. Read, write, talk, and understand Burmese to be able to crack the sayings in proverbs and poems;

2. Read 800 to1000 books in Burmese literature in the subject of martial arts, some are fictions, some are historic records, and some are instructional books;

3. Fight with at least 50 martial art practitioners from various regions of the country, each one will teach some unique techniques or principle ONLY through real fights or fight-like sparing, there are no commercialized school open to public in the warriors' culture [they are racist and stingy of their knowledge];

4. Possess the intelligence and insight to crack the codes of the information and knowledge obtained in above processes.

Four conditions above will take at least five years for a highly intelligent and physically capable person, but can take as much as ten years [or NEVER] for an average person. We don't have to go through such challenges to learn because I have already gone through it and I have a better methodologies for the people to learn.

It is my life long belief and goal to propagate the spirits of martial arts. Through studying martial arts, one will find the self improvement in mind, body, and soul. It's not just self-defense or combat knowledge, but it also includes the polishing of character, such as virtue, courage, and mental and spiritual strength as well as physical strength. In addition, studying true martial arts involves studying the knowledge of physiology, such as flexibility training, knowledge of how to live a healthy life, coordination in movements (techniques) that have many benefits in physiology maintenance, the art of energy management trainings in technical breathing, energy gathering knowledge and processes, and various meditation exercises that can be used for constructive purposes like healing as well as destructive purposes like self-defense and combat. Training for the all the above requires some intelligence and noble effort. True martial arts are ultimate curriculum, a testing ground or a tool in life to be distinguished as special. The martial knowledge can be applied in every-day life and used to achieve other goals.


I have real-combat ready knowledge and ample experiences in grappling. I studied, experimented, and competed with real top-level teachers and MMA fighters. Pure grappling or specialized training in it is a wrong path! We will be doing some sessions in these fields for the beginners or non-expert grapplers students/professionals, however, we will not be rolling and rolling all the time. Most people in present days think they are martial artists while all they do is roll and roll. They became good and very strong with grappling, but they are NOT good at real-combat and they are NOT capable martial artists! Of about top twenty formally well-trained Judo-ka, wrestlers (Greco-Roman), and grapplers, only three really made me realized the effectiveness of their skills and applications. I could play the grappling games with their rules, but they could not play the "real game" with real warriors' rules I play.

Updated Prices & Deal:

Don't delay! Only limited space and time slots available before the new batch of classes to begin with introductory rate!

I used to teach only to very selective few students with strict rules, terms, and high cost tuitions. Now I am a Lead Teacher at Red Dragon School of Martial Arts, thanks to Sifu Robert A. Gott and his visions, and I am more accessible and affordable for people.

Age group 5-18 year old: Special Introductory Price $70/ mo

Age group 18-55 year old: Special Introductory Price $90/ mo

Age group 55+ year old: Special Introductory Price $80/ mo

Updated Private Class Deal:

Private classes are for more serious dedicated individual students or groups, such as pro-fighters, law enforcement officers, and etc.

Introductory rate of $400/mo at Red Dragon School location, or $200/mo+ traveling fee at the location of your choice. Please call for price quote for travelling.   

1. Private class has max size limit of four students. 

2. A group, friends, a family, or partners can join together splitting the cost.

Open House:

I am open for a questions-and-answers sessions in person at Saturdays 7pm-7:30pm after 5pm class at Red Dragon School inside McKinley Mall near Sears Store, 3701 McKinley Pkwy, Blasdell,  NY 14219. Our school is at great location inside McKinley Mall. It's an open door school where training floor is publicly visible from mall lobby.  

Valid questions:

What do you do for living?

Why do you want to train or what is your goal in training?

I want to know if you are training for a law enforcement career, to teach back a class one day or at your already existing school and students, to defend or respond to a challenge from a bully or someone, to enter professional martial arts competitions (career in MMA), just to hang out with cool martial artists to pick up something but not too serious, or whatever the reason may be. You have to state your reason to train with me so that I know what to expect from you.

Everyone answered the second question so far with this: "I am training for health..."

This is not a weight-loss class: where they do some exercises to make you lose weight and monitor your diet. They also make you take laxative enriched food like chocolate bars, drinks, tea, etc. and make you think it's some kind of special diet. If you train martial arts, yes you will be strong, in shape (lose weight), and know better about diet, but I am NOT teaching you for losing weight. I teach you, so that you know how to and can fight for real.

This is not a yoga class: where they do a bunch of stretching, breathing exercises, and trick you to indoctrinate with Hindu religion and make you say rites (or chants) in Hindi or Pali that you have no idea about. Go and check those gibberish you have to say in English translations. You are reciting demonic chants or worshipping dead yogis!

Yes you will be trained for stretching, gathering, harnessing, and controlling your internal strength, trained with necessary breathing knowledge and tactics to use in your attack and defense activities, and always be training to gradually increase your limits in speed, strength, toughness, and flexibilities, but again this is not a yoga class. I will be teaching you to be able to fight for real.

This is not a gymnastic class: where you wear phony outfits and do some flips and hopping around. Yes you will be expected to perform leaping tactics and flying executions in attacks and defenses as you increase in your skills and abilities. In letwhayte and Myanmar ways of fighting, various leap punches, leap round-house kicks, flying, leaping, climbing kicks, climbing takedowns, double knees, etc. are constantly used and integrated into principles like something to expect at any moment for real. We don't do "acrobatic" movements to impress other people. We do these in real fighting activities as part of letwhayte system. By the way, they charge ridiculous amount of money, $75/class for gymnastic classes and I say those gymnastic teachers and classes are nothing special. I will teach you and train you to be able to jump higher, perform movements that you body and brain is not used to before and use them like everyday movements in real fighting activities.

This is not a psychotherapy class: where a so-called psychoanalyst listens to your complaints or whatever you want to talk about without any position taken. By hanging out with me you will be exposed to what it means to be honorable, the Way of the Warriors, and philosophical discussions. We will have formal and informal philosophical discussions all the time. I do not talk carelessly nor do I listen carelessly. Anyone is free to bring any topics they want to the class and discuss. I will inform you with facts of the both ancients and modern events, concerning martial arts, politics, ancient martial artists, and wars. Remember, I am very good at catching liars.  

First you have to know the facts and the truth, then you can take your positions. Warriors adhere to the truths and the ultimate TRUTH. Equally important, you have to be strong, secure, and capable within you, then you will be a truthful person. Liars are always weak. The have to lie around to live... :(

What is needed to train?

You need to be reasonably healthy, and have an open-mind with physical contacts. You only need comfortable clothes and a bottle of water to bring to training. 

You have to put your ego aside if you want to ascend to higher forms of life. How can someone who is often sick, so helpless when injured, physically incapable, or filled with fear and complex mental, emotional, and spiritual issues be equal to a truthful warrior or a good person? Martial artists are better than others. It is a wrong notion that some people think that they have to be tough (whip themselves to shape first) and go to gym to lift weights in order to start training martial arts with me. Do they want to learn martial arts from me, or they want to show me how capable and strong they are? Fear and false ego drives them to want to display deceptions instead of wanting to address true weaknesses. The issue doesn't have to be so complex. Just state it and challenge me instead of learning from me. As long as you make to the training regularly, listen and pay attention to my warnings and suggestions, do your part in practicing, paying attention, asking questions, and absorbing, resting properly before coming to class, you will do very well and you will ascend to higher levels gradually.

The training require patience, courage, and "strength".

Check out https://www.facebook.com/ArtsOfAncientWisdom or aawisdom.com for some of the class activities, pictures, and videos posted.

When and where do we train?

Red Dragon School inside McKinley Mall near Sears Store, 3701 McKinley Pkwy, Blasdell,  NY 14219. Our school is at great location inside McKinley Mall. It's an open door school where training floor is publicly visible from mall lobby. The current class time is 5pm-7pm, Sat. Open house after class for questions in person.   

For Kids:

No one under the age sixteen will be accepted without parental agreement signed document.

For Women:

Some women who wanted to train are apprehensive to have engaged in drills with advanced students or stranger men who have already been training with me. No one will be allowed to hurt or insult anyone in my classes. Sparing and challenged activities are only for willing and skilled students. No thug will thrive in my school and make everyone else scared.  

Whether women or kid, the training curriculum will be the same although the expectations may be different. However, your progress will only depend on your understanding, and efforts (inside and outside the class). If you do your homework with training, your progress will be quicker... The training may involve injuries, contacts, and discussion of  truths that are extraordinary, and challenging that demanding your analytical, and intellectual energies, but they are not beyond anyone to handle.

I have never injured any of my students in training up to today. They injured themselves by not heeding my warnings in drills. Although I am a Letwhate warrior and my body parts are very hard, I am very careful and gentle. Many people could hurt themselves just by trying to hit me, lock me up in sneaky ways without my approval... If everyone just do only what they are supposed to do and heed my warnings in trainings, there would be no injuries.

Personal Bodyguard Available

Lastly, some professional women and organizations approached me to hire me as a body guard. I have done bodyguard jobs previously. I don't have a gun and I don't need a gun. My hand to hand combats skills are sufficient in most situations. We can discuss about the bodyguard position. Please call me. $20/hr rate+ traveling at minimum 3 hrs. 

Other Schools, Government, or Organizations

If you want to hire me as a trainer for your school, organization or whatever, contact me. My hourly rate $20/hr is NOT negotiable in this case and I am not applying for a job from your place. You are responding to my ad to help you with what you need. DO NOT come and burden me with your applications, and absurd questions, such as questioning my credentials, skills, and capabilities. The best way to ask those questions is to challenge me to a sparing match. If you don't think you have what it takes to challenge me, don't try it. You'll just end up in my video collection of idiots and clowns...


Martial arts teacher Christopher McGrath challenged fights

Christopher McGrath doing a full side split 

Christopher McGrath teaches MMA, Muay Thai, Burmese Boxing lessons, trainings, and instructions in WNY area


You may email me with any question to mcgrath_ch@hotmail.com. Due to spam emails and fraud, none of the emails without FULL NAME and CONTACT PHONE NUMBER will be replied.

Christopher McGrath

Executive Official

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