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Mathematics, Physics, Computer (Information Technology), and Other Courses

My name is Christopher McGrath. I am a graduate professional with computer tech and mathematics backgrounds.

I was NYS certified and had background check clear to work in Buffalo Area public schools. I have work experiences at various learning centers, college skills centers, and after school programs. I worked with broad range of ages and grade levels starting from kindergarten to college bachelor degree courses. I currently tutor several families. I have been employed at http://www.collegesupportprogram.org, www.upgradeacademics.org, www.sunyit.edu, http://www.acces.nysed.gov/vr/, and www.morrisville.edu, etc. I have at least eight years of tutoring and teaching experiences in academics, and private organization settings.

I am good with computers, information technology (IT) field, have passion and respect for mathematics, and martial arts. Incidentally, besides tutoring standard academic courses, I also teach martial arts professionally. I am a highly disciplined martial artist (at master level)...

Get the best one-on-one attention and private tutoring directly with me. Don't go through those various middle party services if you are looking for a tutoring. They are more expensive, dishonest, and they will just waste your time, your child's time, and money.

I can tutor more with some free time I have if you or your children need help with school work. Whether you are just looking to catch up or excel with academic skills, I can do it. I know all the standard curriculums outlines for all grade levels. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTES TO CRAM IN WHEN YOU OR YOUR CHILD ABOUT TO TAKE EXAMS. Get early regular tutoring and enjoy learning. My students learn a great deal of other useful, informative skills, and knowledge from me in tutoring sessions besides the academic subjects we are working on. 


SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome, Utica, NY

Master of Science, Computer Science, May 2004

GPA. 3.1

SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome, Utica, NY

Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, May 2002

GPA. 3.50, President's List and Dean's List


Academic Distinctions and Professional Achievements:

Christopher McGrath is a winner of PATHWAY National Science Foundation Scholarship

among one of the four scholars (of 2002-2003 academic years) at SUNY IT.

Active professional in NYS Research Foundation (2000-2006) for various research projects and software developments.

I currently am Chief Executive Official at www.aawisdom.com.

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Artificial Intelligence, System Theory, Information Theory, Information Storage Access, Cryptography, Computer Graphics, Database Management, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Organization, Functional Programming, Formal Programming Methods


Applied Probability, Mathematical Modeling, Complex Variables, Calculus I, II, and III, Differential Equations, Matrix Methods, Series and Boundary Values, Mechanical Physics, Electromagnetism.


Languages: C++, C, JAVA, PERL, XML, MATLAB, SQL, PHP, Visual Basic, OCAML and more.

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows XP, 2000, 7, Mac, UNIX, Linux, and more.

Office/ Software Applications: Office Suit.


Computer Hardware and Networking: Vast experience with computer hardware.

Don't let those courses described above scare you. They are for advanced level courses in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. I can tutor much lower grade levels and can work with kids as well.

I can teach any course from KG-12 grade, high school to College Bachelor Degree courses.  

I can tutor or help you or your kids with math, English reading/writing, or computer courses.

Some idea of math courses: algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, matrix system, numeric, probabilities, etc.

Some idea of computer science courses: programming, database management, hardware and software, etc.

Please ask if you are in doubt whether I can tutor specific course you have in mind.

I can do from college level courses (BS or some MS degree courses) to High School, GED, K12 or lower grades.


Please call me for detail prices. I require minimum 2 hrs ($40) and +$5 for home visits that is reasonable distance (not more than 15 min drive from where I live Buffalo). Traveling fee will be increased for longer drives...

My prices are very reasonable. I know people throw away their money at bars, unnecessary and immaterial activities, such as gymnastic or yoga classes with tuition prices as high as $75 per class. I believe in what I am doing as right. I am teaching people good values and skills. Mathematics is the fundamental foundation of all modern education systems; martial arts knowledge and skills are the highest discipline in any ancient and modern society for fitness, sports, and social well-being.     


I am a very caring person, so I set up a discount system:

$5 discounts for regular two session per week.

$20 discount for regular three session per week.

Tuition must be paid at the beginning of the week. If for any reason the tutee miss the session, with $10 fee, make-up session is available. I do this discount system to enforce the tutees, their families, and my martial arts students to not abuse the appointments...      

What is long distant tutoring via skype?

Those students who live far from where I live, as long as you have good internet access and skype program http://www.skype.com, I can tutor you. I have a very good webcam, so you can see me and everything I am doing or writing on a board as well. We can also do screen sharing via skype or even desktop sharing via team viewer. I tutored some computer programming courses, such as Java, Visual Studio, Database Managements via sharing desktop of my students. You don't need to have a webcam, but I recommend that you have one as well. You can pay via paypal or send a check via mail. The rates I charge will be very cheap for those who live in big cities or even other different oversea countries. I have successfully tutored and provided services long-distance this way to more than five clients as of Feb, 2014. Please call if you have any question or need some advice setting up for long distant tutoring.

716 240 7786

You may email me with any question to mcgrath_ch@hotmail.com. Due to spam emails and fraud, none of the email without FULL NAME and CONTACT PHONE NUMBER will be replied.

Mathematic Tutor at Buffalo WNY


Christopher McGrath

716 240 7786